Program guide from Winter, 1968
Taipei AM 1560 FM 100.1 SW 3.990 7.215
Taichung/CCK AM 1580

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FROM THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR: "New headquarters are in the offing. For some time AFNT has been looking forward to a move from our present location in the Sugar Building on Hankow Street in Taipei. Hopefully, if the gods smile benignly on our plans, our next printing should find us operating out of new quarters in building P-1 on Grass Mountain.

With new facilities, more space and additional personnel who are due to report in during this three-month period, we hope to stimulate our program sound. Emphasis will be on a more 'commercial' sound, most familiar to those recently arrived from the USA, with more programming fitted to the local scene. It will all take time, but be patient -- we will try not to disappoint you."

Staff: TSGT Roger Klucas, JO2s Vernon Brady and Ron Garland, JO3 Doug Williams, SSgt Izzy Keller, SP4 Fred Friend, SGTs Jerry Calenberg and Mark Bragg, and A1Cs Eric Loveman and Roger Ulrich.

Some of the programs carried from AFRTS featured these stateside personalities: Bill Stewart, John Doremus, Art Linkletter, and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The FM frequency was up and running and featured separate programming most of the time with emphasis on classical music and easy listening.


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